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Become a Digital Explorer and accelerate your career

Use the Unexpected Connection between Nigeria and Lithuania to Jump on the Next Tech Wave

Explore Digital Lithuania

Digital Explorers programme provides young Nigerian ICT talents with an opportunity to advance their careers in Lithuania, one of Europe’s most impressive yet unexplored ICT hubs. Design of programme’s tracks is tailor-made and based on a thorough analysis of professional needs and aspirations of young Nigerian ICT specialists, thus, making it the fastest track to your dream career.

Challenge Yourself

Digital Explorers’ tracks include elements of career advancement, professional training and exposure to an up-and-coming digital market of Lithuania, thus corresponding to the needs of young Nigerian ICT talents at different career stages. At crossroads, programme leads with expertise in different ICT sub-fields are ready to guide and help you to make the most of your personalized journey.

Come Back Stronger than Ever

Digital Explorers return home with pockets full of valuable experience. To leverage on it, back in Nigeria, a tailored support programme helps you to quickly re-establish yourself and make the most out of skills gained and professional networks built in Lithuania.

Digital Explorers will gain

  • Exclusivity
    As limited engagements between Nigeria and Lithuania exist so far, you would become a true pathmaker creating an unexpected yet mutually beneficial connection.
  • Know-how
    Not only get the opportunity to work on interesting and sophisticated projects in Lithuania, European ICT hub, but also get familiar with the local tech ecosystem.
  • Community
    Be part of a highly motivated group of people ready to challenge themselves, experience new culture, grow professionally and personally together.