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Explorers Iraq Edition

Embark on a journey to perfect your data skills connected with Lithuania, Europe’s tech powerhouse. Applications closed.

Shortcut to Your Dream Career

In 2024, Digital Explorers – Iraq Edition offers a 6-month training programme for 20 aspiring Iraqi data analysts and links them with local and international employment opportunities.

Fit for the Journey?

You are an Iraqi ICT specialist currently residing in Iraq
You are an entry level data analysis specialist with up to 1 year of relevant experience
You are strongly motivated to be a part of the Digital Explorers - Iraq Edition programme and you will dedicate time to participating in the whole selection process.

How Do I Become a Digital Explorer?

In 2024, the Digital Explorers – Iraq Edition cohort will be selected based on technical skills evaluation and interviews with prospective participants. If you have data analytics/data science skills and have just kicked-off your career in the field, do apply and connect with a community moving in the same direction!

Getting on board
  • Step Apply for Digital Explorers Online: by May 22nd, 2024

    Fill in our free online application form. You will have to provide personal details, demonstrate your previous experience, as well as to provide argumentation as to why you want to become a Digital Explorer. You will also be asked to upload a short video about your motivation and achievements. The call for applications will be open until 22nd of May, but we strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible, as the programme team will process applications as they come. Secure your place early on!

  • Step Perform a practical task: May-June 2024

    Selected candidates will be asked to complete an online technical task, which will help us to further evaluate your skills. Please be aware that the system has plagiarism detection, and therefore candidates who have not performed the tasks themselves will be disqualified. Only the best performing candidates will proceed further. You will have only a day to perform the task and you will need to ensure a stable internet/ power connection.

  • Step Step 4 - Take part in an on-site training: May 2024

    The final pool of shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in intensive on-site training. Sessions will consist of practical tasks and learning sessions. If you are pre-selected for the traineeship track, you must be physically present to advance to the final round. Travel and lodging costs will be covered by Digital Explorers.

  • Step Participate in interviews with the Digital Explorers team: June 2024

    Based on your application and practical task results you might be invited to a round of interviews with our selection team, the goal of which is to assess your motivation, soft and technical skills. Please bear in mind that only the best performing candidates will be invited to the interview stage.

  • Step Step 5 - Enroll for a skills enhancement journey: July-December, 2024

    For the ones who will make it to the final round a number of perks will be provided: from benefiting from a remote advanced data analysis training, having your costs covered with a Digital Explorers stipend and entering a truly global community of like-minded tech professionals. All in the comfort of your own home.

  • Step Step 6 - Get matched with the companies: November-December, 2024

    At the end of the journey, Digital Explorers will participate in a dedicated job fair and one -on-one interviews with leading Iraqi and international ICT companies. A team of professionals will stand by your side to make sure you showcase your expanded skill set and score the next big career opportunity.

Why join the Journey?

Digital Explorers – Iraq Edition programme is designed in a way that would help you gain valuable international experience, connect you with the Lithuanian digital ecosystem and expand your network in a unique and tailored way.

  1. The Fastest Track

    The programme provides professional market-validated trainings and support in finding employment opportunities locally or remotely.

  2. Tailored Itinerary

    Training received will correspond to the needs and profile of each Explorer, laying a career path forward, be it landing a position at a local tech company or working remotely internationally. The Digital Explorers team will help map your individual journey in accordance with your own goals and provide guidance along the way.

  3. Attentive crew

    The Digital Explorers team will be there to provide assistance, advice and guidance for all programme participants whether you are expanding your tech skills locally, remotely or internationally.

  4. Become a part of something bigger

    Digital Explorers represent the mutually beneficial connection between Lithuania and Iraq to further link these ambitious digital economies together.

Perfect Match

Here are the frontrunning ICT companies that have previously stepped on board with Digital Explorers.

Meet the companies

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