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Frequently asked questions
Digital Explorers programme
  • What the heck is Digital Explorers?
    Digital Explorers is a revolutionary idea connecting two buzzing ICT markets - Nigeria and Lithuania. Up to 50 young Nigerian developers, digital creatives and tech business developers like you will be hired by top tech companies in Lithuania and will also receive training in emerging technologies.

    For one year as you learn and earn in Lithuania, there will also be opportunities to build your network with Nigerian and Lithuanian ICT professionals, and upon returning to Nigeria you can either work remotely for international organizations, with Nigerian Tech firms or create your own startup.
  • Who is behind the Digital Explorers programme?
    The programme is implemented by a consortium of partners well-equipped for the journey ahead:
    - Enterprise Lithuania, a public agency established in Lithuania to promote entrepreneurship, support business development and foster export.
    - Ventures Platform Foundation, is the impact arm of Ventures Platform that supports entrepreneurs and innovators leveraging technology to build the future of Africa.
    - AfriKo, a Lithuania based boutique Africa research and consultancy centre that specializes in ICT4D field.
    - Code Academy, an ICT training provider based in Lithuania offering courses designed and delivered by experienced professionals.
    - Diversity Development Group, a think and do tank carrying out scientific, applied and infrastructural projects in the fields of diversity, migration, and integration.
  • Why is Ventures Platform part of Digital Explorers programme?
    Ventures Platform Foundation (VPF) is the impact arm of Ventures Platform. The foundation believes that by leveraging technology, entrepreneurs and innovators will build the future of Africa. VPF supports entrepreneurs and innovators, especially those in underserved communities, who leverage technology to create solutions to Africa's most urgent problems.
    VPF believes that Nigeria’s new economy is the digital economy and will provide huge opportunities for economic growth and development for the country if we invest in it. The Digital Explorers programme seeks to promote Nigeria’s digital economy by advancing the careers of selected Nigerian ICT specialists in the digital space.
    VPF sees an alignment between the aim of the Digital Explorers programme and the vision of the organization - building the future of Africa through innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.
  • Why should I be interested in joining the journey of Digital Explorers?
    - Be part of a highly motivated group of people ready to challenge themselves, experience new culture, grow professionally and personally together.
    - Not only get opportunity to work on interesting and sophisticated projects in Lithuania, European ICT hub, but also get familiar with the local ecosystem.
    - Have support from the programme team throughout your whole journey - be it soft landing in Lithuania or finding work opportunities upon return to Nigeria.
    - It is a pilot programme between the two countries that had limited engagements before, so you would become a true pathmaker creating an unexpected yet mutually beneficial connections.
  • How will the journey of Digital Explorers look like?
    After thorough and competitive selection process Digital Explorers (up to 50 Nigerian ICT specialists) will be matched with top tier tech companies in Lithuania where they will come to work for 1 year. Specific job positions will be defined based on the level of each participant and needs of the companies. While in Lithuania Digital Explorers will also attend skills enhancement training that will be designed according to their skills levels and interests.
    After 1 year in Lithuania Digital Explorers will participate in reintegration activities in Nigeria that will be designed based on their experience in Lithuania and career interests upon return. Alumni network will also be established to facilitate further network building between Lithuanian and Nigerian ICT professionals.
  • What is the timeline of the programme?
    March-May 2019 - Application and selection process
    July 2019-July 2020 - Work placement in Lithuania
    July 2020-September 2020 - Reintegration in Nigeria
  • Can I take other jobs in addition to being a part of Digital Explorers programme?
    You will be rather busy during that 1 year in Lithuania - having a full time job, additional training and various activities that will help you to get exposed to the local ICT ecosystem - so you will have little or no time for other engagements. We expect you to commit your full attention and take the best out of this journey, therefore having additional jobs will not be possible.
  • Who do I talk to if I get stuck on the programme?
    If you have any concerns or problems during your journey as a Digital Explorer whether with your work, accommodation, etc. you can be assured of the support of the programme team who will monitor your experience in Lithuania with regular meetings/calls.
    Also, the team at AfriKo and/or the HR Consultant at Ventures Platform will always be on hand to provide support to ensure you have a smooth stay in Lithuania.
Becoming a Digital Explorer
  • What is the eligibility criteria to become a Digital Explorer?
    The first and most important criteria is your strong motivation to be a true Digital Explorer - be ready to spend 1 year in Lithuania, take the best out of it and contribute to the success of the company that you will be working at. Besides that, you are eligible if:
    - You are a Nigerian ICT specialist who currently resides in Nigeria;
    - You have at least 1-2 years of relevant work experience. But 10 years of experience is also fine :)
    - You have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in any field from an accredited tertiary institution or, alternatively, at least 5 years of relevant work experience;
    - You are able to participate in the whole selection process if shortlisted;
    - You are able to relocate to Lithuania in July to spend one full year as part of the programme.
    - Please note, as you move along the selection process, you would need to have an international passport by the 1st of May, 2019.
  • What kind of ICT specialists can apply?
    Due to the pilot nature of the programme specific profiles and work placement opportunities will be defined during the selection process (while matching the needs of companies with interests and profiles of applicants). At this stage you can apply if you identify yourself in any of those tracks:
    - Developers
    - Digital creatives (UX designers, Graphic/Web designers, etc)
    - Tech Business Developers
  • When is the deadline to apply?
    The call for applications will be closed on the 1st of April, 2019. However, we strongly encourage you to submit your own asap as the team of evaluators will review the applications and schedule interviews on the rolling basis.
  • When will I hear back about my application?
    Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and practical tests will be distributed to the applicants before the final closure of the call for applications (1st of April, 2019). After evaluation of practical tasks the best applicants will be invited for additional tests, interviews and further selection activities - this shall happen no later than the 15th of April, 2019.
  • How will the final on-site selection stage look like?
    After practical tasks and interviews a pool of final candidates (up to 100 people) will be invited to attend an on-site training and hackathon in Abuja which shall take place in mid May 2019 (hackathon scheduled for 10-12 May)). The final selection (of up to 50 people) will be carried out by delegation of representatives of Lithuanian ICT companies as well as senior Nigerian ICT professionals and other representatives of local tech community. Please note that travel costs of selected participants coming to Abuja from other parts of Nigeria will be covered.
  • When will I know I am selected?
    The selection process from your application towards the offer by a Lithuanian ICT company will be comprised in stages, involving both practical tasks, interviews with the selection team and interested companies, and a final on-site selection stage comprising of training and hackathon, after which we expect the companies will make their final offers to prospective Digital Explorers. Final selection decisions shall be made by the 1st of June 2019.
  • Am I guaranteed a job placement?
    Yes, if during the selection process we find out that there is a perfect match between you and one of the ICT companies in Lithuania that will be part of this programme. Please also note that you will sign an employment contract with the company that might include probationary period.
Moving to Lithuania
  • How will I get my visa to Lithuania?
    If you successfully go through the whole selection process, get a job offer from an ICT company in Lithuania and sign a contract, the programme team will facilitate your visa and other migration related documentation processing. We will guide you in gathering and submitting different documents needed to be able to apply for National D visa which is required for the employment in Lithuania. The National D visa will allow you to work in Lithuania for 1 year in a company that you will sign the contract with. If the contract is terminated, your National D visa will not be valid anymore as well.
    National D visas for successful applicants will be issued in Nigeria.
  • Is it a guaranteed visa if I ama successful applicant?
    The programme team will guide and assist you to make sure that you submit all the documents needed to get the National D visa. However, the final decision will be made by responsible authorities and we cannot therefore provide guarantees.
  • Would I be allowed to travel with my family?
    Unfortunately National D visa does not allow you to bring family members to Lithuania.
  • Will my travel costs be covered?
    Your flight tickets Nigeria-Lithuania-Nigeria will be covered by the programme.
  • Will I get a salary during the programme? How much will this be?
    Yes, you will be paid a salary by the company where you will be employed. Your salary will be in line with prevailing standards for your employment level in ICT sector in Lithuania.
  • How will I find where to live in Lithuania?
    You will be provided with a 2-month accommodation once you arrive in Lithuania (with costs covered). After the 2-month period, you will be responsible for the accommodation which your salary will be able to cover, however, the programme team will assist you in finding a place to live.
  • Do I get a health insurance while on the programme?
    You will be entitled to benefits accruing to a full-time staff with the company where you will be working in line with the tenets of your visa.
Working and living in Lithuania
  • What does it mean to live in Lithuania?
    It might be hard to move to a new place, especially when that place is not in your home country. We understand that, but can assure you that your 1 year spent in Lithuania will be worth it. To familiarize yourself with a place you would be moving to you can watch this cheerful video about Lithuania that will serve as a crash course on country’s history, weather, food, nature and leisure time.
  • What will I find in the Lithuanian ICT ecosystem?
    Lithuania’s ICT ecosystem has been buzzing and growing for a while already so there is a lot to experience once you come here. In case you want to familiarize yourself with what is there straight away, you can read about Lithuania’s Fintech field and innovative initiatives by the Bank of Lithuania, take a look at e-Lithuania - Lithuanian IT company cluster that aims to spread the word of Lithuania‘s ICT sector, and catch a glimpse of Lithuanian startup ecosystem. Speaking of which, Lithuania offers startup visas, regulatory sandboxes, and many other tools for streamlining non-EU businesses. No wonder it is #14 in the global Doing Business ranking, leading the whole Central and Eastern Europe.
  • What about my social life in Lithuania?
    We know that you will be busy working and studying, but will make sure that you also have fun and enjoy your social life in Lithuania. There will be a number of community and network building activities planned for Digital Explorers (both for you as a group, but also with Lithuanian counterparts) as well as local buddy (a person who would help you figure out your life in Lithuania) assigned for each of you.
Coming back to Nigeria
  • What happens after 1 year in Lithuania
    At the end of the journey, Digital Explorers will participate in reintegration activities in Nigeria organized by Ventures Platform. The reintegration programme will be designed based on the needs and interests of participants. It will include activities that will help explorers:
    - Start their own company or startup.
    - Gain employment in companies in Nigeria.
    - Start freelance/remote work for Lithuanian and/or international companies.
    An alumni network will also be established to further facilitate knowledge transfer and network building between the two countries.