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Female Track

Embark on a journey to perfect your data skills in Europe’s tech powerhouse, Lithuania. Applications closed.

Shortcut to Your Dream Career

In its latest edition, Digital Explorers programme aims to support women in tech and contribute to closing of the global tech gender gap by offering tailored data analysis / data science traineeships. In in early 2021, up to 15 young Nigerian women will bring their eager minds to Lithuania for six-month placements at leading ICT companies and receive intensive targeted training.

Back in Nigeria, a tailored assistance programme awaits and will help Digital Explorers to quickly re-establish themselves and make the most out of skills gained and professional networks built in Lithuania.

Fit for the Journey?

You are an entry-level Nigerian female data analysis / data science specialist who has a Bachelor’s degree and currently lives in Nigeria.
You are strongly motivated to be a part of the Digital Explorers programme and you will dedicate time to participate in the whole selection process.
You are able to relocate to Lithuania and spend six months as part of the programme and have an internationally valid passport.

How Do I Become a Digital Explorer?

The 2020 Digital Explorers cohort will be selected based on technical skills evaluation and interviews with prospective participants. If you have data analytics/data science skills and have just kicked-off your career in the field, do apply for Digital Explorers to be part of the pool of the most talented!

Getting on board
  • Step Step 1. Apply for Digital Explorers Online: by 22nd November 2020

    Fill in our free online application form. You will have to provide personal details, demonstrate your previous experience, as well as to provide argumentation as to why you want to become a Digital Explorer. You will also be asked to upload a short video about your motivation and achievements. The call for applications will be open until the 22nd of November, but we strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible, as the programme team will process applications as they come. Secure your place early on!

  • Step Step 2. Perform practical task: by 26th November 2020

    Selected candidates will be asked to complete an online technical task, which will help us to further evaluate your skills. Please be aware that the system has plagiarism detection, and therefore candidates who have not performed the tasks themselves will be disqualified. Only the best performing candidates will proceed further. You will have only a day to perform the task and you will need to ensure a stable internet/power connection.

  • Step Step 3: Participate in interviews with Digital Explorers team: November - December 2020

    Based on your application and practical task results you might be invited to a round of interviews with our selection team, the goal of which is to assess your motivation, soft and technical skills. Please bear in mind that only the best performing candidates will be invited to the interview stage.

  • Step Step 4: Engage Lithuanian companies: January - February 2021

    Only the best performing candidates will proceed further and participate in soft & hard skills tests and interviews with perfect-match Lithuanian ICT companies.

  • Step Step 5: Take-off for Lithuania: March 2021

    After the selection, the best ones will take-off for Lithuania, where they will learn the practicalities of data craft with leading Lithuanian companies for up to six months and enter a tailored training programme. Alongside a monthly stipend, relocation and accommodation costs will be covered, whereas a friendly Digital Explorers community will help you to land on the right foot in Lithuania.*

    *Timeline is subject to change due to COVID-19 related risks, and partly remote placement itineraries are being considered.

Why join the Journey?

Digital Explorers programme is designed in a way that you would return home with pockets full of valuable experience and new-found professional links.

  1. The Fastest Track

    The programme provides professional market-validated trainings and employment opportunities back in Nigeria, advancing your career one leap at a time.

  2. Personalized Itinerary

    Training received and company for digital exploration will correspond to the needs of each Explorer, laying a career path forward, be it be it landing a position at Nigerian tech company or freelancing and working remotely. Digital Explorers team will map your individual journey in accordance with your own goals and guide you along the way.

  3. Become a part of something bigger

    Digital Explorers represent the unexpected connection between Nigeria and Lithuania and further link these two ambitious digital economies together.

Perfect Match

Here are the leading Lithuanian ICT companies Digital Explorers can take you to.

Meet the companies

Community of Explorers.Traveling in the same direction.

Meet the Explorers

The Big Picture

2020 edition of Digital Explorers programme catered to 15 entry-level female data scientists, 11 out of which have been offered internships with 7 Lithuanian companies. An exclusively female track was chosen to increase the number of women benefiting from Digital Explorers network and new opportunities for international career advancement.

Organized in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, the Female Track was complimented by remote and individualized data science training provided by Turing College. The cohort managed to row against all odds, fast-tracked their careers, alongside expanding their skillsets and successfully continue their careers in more senior positions in Lithuania, Nigeria and beyond, proving that journeys of global tech talents are never finished.



  • 15
    Participants of a tailored data science course
  • 11
    Data science internships
  • 7
    Lithuanian ICT companies